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Think, write, make famous advertising.

Yannakis Jones is a multiple award-winning, advertising writer and director.
Yann combines strategic, creative writing and production skills to help clients tell persuasive, PR-able brand stories.
With over 20-years experience, Yann has worked with many of the industry’s top agencies in the UK and internationally.
As an associate lecturer, Yann has been passing on his industry skills to communication students at UAL/ Central St. Martins Art College for over 10 years.
In 2019 Yann completed a teaching Masters in Academic Practice.

Say HELLO:    yannjones@gmail.com


Ogilvy (London & Canada), Grey (London), BBH (China),  RKCR-Y&R,  Ogilvy,  WCRS,  W&K (London),  Mother,  St.Lukes,
BLRS (Havas NL),  Publicis,  JWT,  BDDH (Now Havas)


HM Government (Covid),  Nokia, Nio E-Cars,  Microsoft Skype,  BMW,  3-mobile,  Orange, The Guardian,  Sky TV, Wonderbra,
Ford,  BT,  Citroen,  Mercedes,  Co-operative Bank,  Mr. Tom Peanut bars. 

Some shiny baubles:

Davey Awards '18     GOLD - Best use of humour - @CCLDN 
Davey Awards '18     GOLD - Best copywriting - @CCLDN  

W3 Awards '18           GOLD - Writing for Video - @CCLDN
W3 Awards '18           SILVER - Animation - @CCLDN 

W3 Awards '16
          SILVER - Direction - Skype LFC Sturridge   
W3 Awards '16          SILVER - Brand Content - Skype LFC Sturridge

Lovie Awards '15        GOLD - Skype - Translator
W3 Awards '15            GOLD - Brand Content - Skype Translator
W3 Awards '15            B2C Silver – Skype Translator

BTAA ‘07                      Silver 3 Mobile (Expo)
BTAA ‘07                      Bronze 3 Mobile (Campaign)

BMW 2007                  Brand Purity 'Its only a car'
BMW 2007                  Multi-media 'Its only a car'

D&AD '06 2 x yellow pencil.  3 Mobile (Tupperzik)

APA Top 50 ‘06    No. 1 TVC 3 Mobile (Tupperzik)

British Television Awards 3 Mobile (Tupperzik)

Creative Circle '06. Bronze Campaign, 3 Mobile
Creative Circle '06. Bronze Cinema, 3 Mobile (Tupperzik)

D&AD ’02.               New Directors Finalist

D&AD '99 Annual.    Radio Campaign, The Guardian Newspaper.

Ariel Radio Awards. Best Campaign, The Guardian

Campaign Posters. Wonderbra ( Mind the gap)

Creative Circle.    TV Bronze Mr Tom

D&AD.                         TV Annual Mr Tom

Roses Awards.            TV Silver Electrolux


Higher Education Academy (HEA)  Fellowship.
Central St. Martins Art College       April ’03- to present. Associate Lecturer

Davey Awards  '18      Judge
One Club '17                Students Awards,   Jury Judge
D&AD  '08                    Student Jury 
Creative Circle '06      Jury Judge
D&AD  '96                    Jury Judge
D&AD  '95                    Member         

Book Contributor.        Breaking In                   W. Spencer
Book Contributor.        Winning Portfolios      C. Caldwell
Book Contributor.        100% Cotton 2001      H. Walters