Yannakis Jones Yannakis Jones advertising copywriter, director,

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Think, write, make famous advertising.

Award-winning, advertising writer and director. Combining strategic, creative and production skills to help clients tell persuasive brand stories. 

As an associate lecturer, i have been passing on these skills to students at UAL / Central St. Martins Art College for over 10 years.
I recently completed a Masters in Academic Practice.

Say HELLO:    yann@longformlondon.com


Grey (London), BBH (China),  RKCR-Y&R,  Ogilvy,  WCRS,  W&K (London),  Mother,  St.Lukes,
BLRS (Havas NL),  Publicis,  JWT,  BDDH (Now Havas)


HM Government,  Nokia, Nio E-Cars,  Microsoft Skype,  BMW,  3-mobile,  Orange, The Guardian,  Sky TV, Wonderbra,
Ford,  BT,  Citroen,  Mercedes,  Co-operative Bank,  Mr. Tom Peanut bars. 

Some shiny baubles:

Davey Awards '18     GOLD - Best use of humour - @CCLDN 
Davey Awards '18     GOLD - Best copywriting - @CCLDN  

W3 Awards '18           GOLD - Writing for Video - @CCLDN
W3 Awards '18           SILVER - Animation - @CCLDN 

W3 Awards '16
          SILVER - Direction - Skype LFC Sturridge   
W3 Awards '16          SILVER - Brand Content - Skype LFC Sturridge

Lovie Awards '15        GOLD - Skype - Translator
W3 Awards '15            GOLD - Brand Content - Skype Translator
W3 Awards '15            B2C Silver – Skype Translator

BTAA ‘07                      Silver 3 Mobile (Expo)
BTAA ‘07                      Bronze 3 Mobile (Campaign)

BMW 2007                  Brand Purity 'Its only a car'
BMW 2007                  Multi-media 'Its only a car'

D&AD '06 2 x yellow pencil.  3 Mobile (Tupperzik)

APA Top 50 ‘06    No. 1 TVC 3 Mobile (Tupperzik)

British Television Awards 3 Mobile (Tupperzik)

Creative Circle '06. Bronze Campaign, 3 Mobile
Creative Circle '06. Bronze Cinema, 3 Mobile (Tupperzik)

D&AD ’02.                   New Directors Finalist

D&AD '99 Annual.        Radio Campaign, The Guardian Newspaper.

Ariel Radio Awards.     Best Campaign, The Guardian

Campaign Posters.     Wonderbra ( Mind the gap)

Creative Circle.            TV Bronze Mr Tom

D&AD.                         TV Annual Mr Tom

Roses Awards.            TV Silver Electrolux


Higher Education Academy (HEA)  Fellowship.
Central St. Martins Art College       April ’03- to present. Associate Lecturer

Davey Awards  '18      Judge
One Club '17                Students Awards,   Jury Judge
D&AD  '08                    Student Jury 
Creative Circle '06      Jury Judge
D&AD  '96                    Jury Judge
D&AD  '95                    Member         

Book Contributor.        Breaking In                   W. Spencer
Book Contributor.        Winning Portfolios      C. Caldwell
Book Contributor.        100% Cotton 2001      H. Walters