Yannakis Jones Yannakis Jones advertising copywriter, director,

Created with Ogilvy for Stonewall UK. Its' Christmas 2021, our proud special edition rainbow mistletoe 'kisses goodbye to hate. and reclaims public spaces for - everyone, to feel safe, whomever they show affection to.
Creative. Fran, Simon and Yann.
Agency prod. Stephanie Warner.
Production: Rebolucion
EP: Florencia Arrizabalaga
Director: Lois Auger
Producer: Lucy Benson-Brown
DOP: Santiago Bernaldo De Quiros
Editor: Nina Sacharow
Casting: Lizzie Knowles
Post: Polly R.
Music Supervision: MassiveMusic, Chloe Heatlie
Music Track: “Merry Christmas, I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight” The Ramones,
Recorded by and generously supported by Joey Ramone