Yannakis Jones Yannakis Jones advertising copywriter, director,

 Yannakis Jones  teamed up with brand agency Interstate to produce two short films to launch new supercar brand – NIO.  Via an audacious supercar challenge at Nürburgring. The NIO EP9 is Racing tean NextEV’s first product and the world’s first and fastest electric hypercar. The “Blue Sky Coming” campaign illustrates the significance of NIO for the EV industry through dynamic track footage as well as interviews with drivers and engineers, ensuring the story of the Nürburgring Challenge encapsulates NextEV’s philosophy, personality and vision.

We had little control of the car itself, which the engineers were still testing, but the films still needed to have a super premium finish to reflect the brands ambition. Without knowing what would happen at racetracks with this highly experimental vehicle, the shoot required thorough preparation for all possible outcomes.” Yannakis Jones, Director

The international crew captures the NIO EP9 as it breaks the previous speed record at the famous race track – 20.8km Nürburgring Nordschleife, with the car storming the track in a time of 7 minutes and 5 seconds. Shooting the challenge in one day, the crew worked with four track-side cameras, in-car cameras, a drone, helicopter and Audi RS7 chase car with hard camera mount to obtain every angle and movement of the vehicle.

The second film, taking place at Circuit Paul Ricard in France, acts as a technical proving ground for the supercar, with a shoot that spanned three days. Four more track-side cameras, a Russian Arm and a Phantom drone accompanied by a chase car with front and back mounts capture the NIO as it circles the track. The UI graphic overlay, animated out of Not To Scale London, illustrates the state-of-the-art technology involved in the powertrain, brake system and aerodynamic composition of the car. The post production team raced against the clock to edit, grade and conform the two films ready for Monday’s launch at The Saatchi Gallery to the world’s automotive press.

Safe access to the Nürburgring track meant a late recce in almost total darkness. Getting to Circuit Paul Ricard on time meant hiring two private planes to deliver crew and nearly two tonnes of equipment to a trackside airport. Whilst the EP9 car broke electric records, it felt like our team were breaking a few production records of their own.” Yannakis Jones, Director

With stirring musical accompaniments and moving interview VOs, the two films act as a visual statement for the technical and manufacturing capabilities of NextEV, showcasing what is possible for the future of electric cars.


Dir: Yannakis Jones    ( longformlondon.com)

Producer: Edward Tull

Producer: Fabien Weight (Erste Liebe)

Line Producer: Michael Hahn (Erste Liebe)

DOP: Fabian Hothan 

Editor: Charlie Moreton (Work)

Audio Mix: Andy Humphries (750MPH)

Colourist: Simona Cristea (Rushes)

Music composition: Adelphoi (Producer Jeremy Newton / Composer:  Andrew Sherriff )